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Professional development is a key to staying current in the field of Kinesiology.  The American Kinesiology Association offers free on-line webinars that feature top scholars in Kinesiology who share their expertise on a host of topics in the field.  This e-learning opportunity is intended to assist our membership in the advancement of their departments, thereby advancing the field of Kinesiology.

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Dr. Larry Leverenz (Purdue University) and Dr. Greg Gardner (University of Tulsa)

Title:      Kinesiology & Athletic Training (Issues, Challenges, Future)

Date:     Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Time:     12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST


Over the past several decades Athletic Training has evolved from a career of providing minimal or first aid type care exclusively to athletes into a recognized healthcare profession.  That evolution has required the profession to increase educational standards, accredit educational programs, and regulate the practitioners at the state level.  In addition, most of the training of the original practitioners was done as an on-the-job “program” offered by athletic departments and supported by coursework in physical education and health academic departments.  Today, most accredited programs remain in departments of kinesiology or related areas.  The healthcare knowledge and skills required of the student are becoming more advanced which leads to more rigorous accreditation standards. 

This webinar will address a short history of athletic training education and accreditation, a description of the current direction of education for the profession, and how that direction might affect kinesiology departments in the future.  Dr. Larry Leverenz and Dr. Greg Gardner are both past presidents of accrediting agencies for athletic training.  Their first-hand experience and insight will help others understand the issues and challenges facing departments as they move forward with their athletic training education programs.

In order to better serve our membership, we'd like to know what topics you are interested in or experts you would like to hear from in a webinar for the AKA website. If you have suggestions, please contact Tom Templin or Kim Scott. We want to hear from you!

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