Best Practices

Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Kinesiology: Best Practices in Kinesiology


Diversity, equity, and inclusion within academia and professional organizations in general and specifically within Kinesiology departments/Schools and Kinesiology-related organizations is vitally important to our future. While many types of diversity exist, particular attention should be considered for factors such as traditionally underrepresented groups based on race/ethnicity, gender, age, physical capability, socio-economic background, and/or sexual orientation. Two models of best practice to improve institutional diversity are the American College of Sports Medicine’s Leadership and Diversity Program and the Auburn University School of Kinesiology’s Future Scholars: Summer Research Bridge Program. Presented models could, at least in part, be used by administrators and leaders to improve diversity within academic institutions and professional organizations.


To read more on this topic, refer to: Keith, N.R. & Russell, J.A., Creating a climate of organizational diversity: Models of best practice. Kinesiology Review, 2, 190-202.

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