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A library of presentation materials, developed by AKA members, has been established to help share information from AKA conferences and workshops with all of our members. 

Members can gain information from the visual aids used during the presentations and also use them to pass along to others in their departments and academic institutions.

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Academic Leadership in Kinesiology - Chicago, Oct. 2008
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This leadership seminar was designed for individuals who serve as department heads, chairs, directors or deans of academic units containing the discipline of kinesiology. The sessions covered topics in leadership responsibilities, decision making, facilitating collaboration, faculty recruitment and many challenges and opportunities present in the leadership role of an academic unit.
Strategic Planning - Chicago, Oct. 2008
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The purpose of this seminar was to provide a framework for chairs, graduate coordinators and other administrators in Kinesiology Departments to use strategic planning to provide leadership to their departments and to engage their faculty in advancing the department's academic and research programs and services to the profession and university.

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