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The creation of a national leadership group in kinesiology is important to our thriving discipline. With the increased interest of our culture in physical activity and sport, our field has a wonderful opportunity to provide leadership and direction. Unlike many other disciplines, our field developed sub-disciplinary groups without an overall unifying organization. Our college/university academic departments of kinesiology (exercise sciences, sport science, human performance, and physical education) need a voice at the national level as well as a place to build interactions among us. AKA proposes to provide that unifying organization and leadership to help achieve the national/international recognition kinesiology deserves. Please join us in this effort.


We ask your department to become a member of the American Kinesiology Association now. Your department does not need to have “kinesiology” in its title to join the AKA (but we’d encourage you to consider that title). If your department focuses on physical activity—be it the teaching, studying, and/or practicing of physical activity—the American Kinesiology Association is for you.


As a departmental member you and your faculty will have access to the AKA website at www.americankinesiology.org. You will find a comprehensive site containing useful information for anyone involved in kinesiology.


We’ll report to you our progress regularly through our online newsletter, and we’ll provide you with discussion forums and position papers on current issues of concern to kinesiology departments.


All faculty members will receive discounted registration for the annual AKA Leadership Workshops, which focus on timely issues facing the kinesiology field and the academic future of our departments.


Our annual dues are:


For doctoral degree granting departments $900
For master’s degree granting departments $500
For undergraduate and associate degree granting departments $300


Your payment of dues will cover a twelve month period starting with the date payment is received.


Register with the website and join online or complete the AKA Membership Form to start your membership today.

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