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AKA Committees


Membership Committee – responsible for membership recruitment and renewal, and development of recruitment and promotional materials.

Duane Knudson, Texas State University (Chair, 2013)

Sylvia Goodman, Southern Nazarene University (2013)

Mara Manson, Adelphi University (2013)

Jason Carter, Michigan Technological University (2014)

Thomas Pujol, Southeast Missouri State University (2013)

Phil Martin, Iowa State University (Liason)


Workshop Committee – organizes and coordinates AKA workshops to provide opportunities for enhancing the quality of leadership and understanding of issues releveant to the field.

Steve Estes, Middle Tennessee University (Chair, 2014)

Betty Block, Texas A&M University-Commerce (2014)

Amy Morgan, Bowling Green State University (2013)
Jane Clark, University of Maryland (2013)
Kim Graber, University of Illinois (2014)
Tim Gavin, Purdue University (2015)
Scott Gordon, University of North Carolina-Charlotte (2015)

Wojtek Chodzko-Zeijko, University of Illinois (Liason)


Communication Committee – responsible for the oversight of website, members communication including affiliate members and development and support of strategies to enhance communication across the discipline.

Tom Templin, Purdue University (Chair, 2015)

Lisa Hicks, University of Indianapolis (2014)

Ron Pfeiffer, Boise State University (2013)
Kevin Guskiewicz, University of Norht Carolina-Chapel Hill (2013)

Dominque Banville, George Mason University (2015)
Luke Kelly, University of Virginia (2015)
Penny McCullagh, CSU-East Bay (Liason)


Research and Analysis Committee – responsible for ongoing AKA surveys (faculty and student surveys) and also conducting and analyzing targeted surveys to address issues relevant to kinesiology.


Michael Delp, University of Florida (Chair, 2014)

Matt Mahar, East Carolina University (2015)

Charlotte Sanborn, Texas Woman’s University (2014)
Susan Cashin, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2013)
Jim Morrow , University of North Texas (2013)
Richard van Emmerik, University of Massachusetts (2015)
Wojtek Chodzko-Zeijko, University of Illinois (Liason)


Publications Committee – oversees Kinesiology Today , occasional white papers, position statements and reports.


Terry Rizzo, CSU-San Bernardino (Chair, 2015)

Dan Schmidt, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh (2013)
Michael Bemben, University of Oklahoma (2014)
Jayne Jenkins, University of Wyoming (2015)
Pam Haibach, College at Brockport State University of New York (2015)
Phil Martin, Iowa State University (Liason)


Award Committee - responsible for reviewing the national scholar awards nominations in three categories from member institutions.


Susan Petersen, College at Brockport-SUNY (Chair, 2015)

Chris Heason, Texas A&M University-Kingsville (2015)

Shirley Reekie, San Jose State University (2013)

Karen Meaney, Texas State University (2015)
Melinda Solmon, Louisiana State University (2013)

Mark Loftin, University of Mississippi (2014)

Lanie Dornier, Louisiana Tech University (2014)

Penny McCullagh, CSU-East Bay (Liason)

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